Experiencing The Great Canadian Outdoors Part 3

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Today I’m on Part 3 of “Experiencing The Great Canadian Outdoors.” Part 1 & 2 covers the first few hours of our life in the wilderness.

At least things would calm down after this rocky start, but not before yet another storm.


I’m not sure if the first storm flipped the canoe over, or if one of the guys intentionally placed it like that.


When the skies cleared we were able to poke our heads out again. Two smiling faces now and all thought of the horrific storm has vanished. Tina is the one in the picture with me. This summer we have been on many adventures together, and hopefully there will be many more in the future.


Boats are out on the water again


Some of the guys in our group also went for a swim. I’m not sure why I only have a picture of Chris and not the others. Perhaps I got too engrossed with my macro photography.

Chris is a guy who seems to love a challenge and he will not give up until he has conquered it. On this camping trip we got to see him whip up some meals with ease. The meals looked quite appealing and the other campers thought he may be a good candidate for the Food show “Chopped.”


We would at some point take cover from yet another storm. The first storm came with wind and rain while the second storm came with thunder and lightning and some rain. Once again, I didn’t like the thought of being under all those trees during the thunder and lightning, but we lived to tell the tale.


This was really a great group of people to be camping with. They all have an appreciation for God, and recognize and give Him thanks for everything.

I love how Nichele made camping seem so easy, from her hairstyle to knowing how to stay put in her tent at night without having to trample through the woods to go to the bathroom. Where she sits right now seemed to be one of her favorite spots. It was perhaps one of the best spots to just sit and be still. This is the effect nature can have on us.

Paul seems to find joy in every thing and his eyes will show it. I say this because when I thought he would knock the vegan mutton that I brought, it was quite the opposite. I gave him a taste and it was so awesome to see the expression that it brought to his face. Just pure delight.


Patrice can be seen fanning flames of fire with a frisbee. Though in this photo she is fanning the fire so that we can get our physical food, most of the time she was off somewhere seeking her spiritual food. Even when she was present within the group, she seemed to be filling with much more than the physical.


Karen is our Women Ministries Leader at church and I’m so grateful that she was there. She had quite the supplies. This is her with the pot in hand. She, with the help of Patrice would see that we were fed shortly after arriving at the camp site. I also got a chance to sit and share a bit with Karen and to hear a bit of her hiking adventures.


So I’ve already shared so much about Richard, and as I get to know the others I’m sure I’ll be sharing much more also. So for the ones who may be new here, Richard is a person with many talents, some which I’m sure that I may not even be aware of. I do know that he is an avid outdoors-man, he’s an artist, he also loves scuba diving and creating art underwater.

Richard is also the head elder of the church that I and some of the others in the group attend. He is also a speaker and has at times given the sermon. One of his last sermons was titled “Getting Rid of Dandelions,” which caused me to do a blog post titled, how-i-know-the-roots-of-hatred-runs-deep/


Peter: How could I forget Peter my fellow photographer. Peter has a very sharing spirit. He wanted to share every thing and would easily be hurt if you refused his offering. So near the end of our trip I was looking for my fruit and couldn’t find it. Someone handed me a bag of nectarines, and they said they thought the nectarines belong to Peter. Well Peter was not around to ask his permission for a nectarine, and we decided he would be hurt if we didn’t eat his nectarines. So we ate his nectarines. They were really delicious. Thanks Peter—I think we left you one.


All the excitement of the wind and the rain and thunder and the lightning took a toll on us and Tina and myself went off to bed way earlier that the others. Thankful to be in a tent and not a canoe.


When we awoke about three hours later, they could be heard talking around the camp fire. We joined them, and at that time Richard suggested doing a brief devotion, where we thanked God for His tender mercies for keeping us safe throughout the day. With that finished we went back to our tent to spend our first night under the stars, and drifting off to the sound of the loons.


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6 Replies to “Experiencing The Great Canadian Outdoors Part 3”

  1. As a Canadian who has travelled much of my home country, Canada is a large beautiful diverse country.
    We love our tourists when they travel through and I hope they fall in love with this country called Canada!

    1. Yes, we most certainly do. This land is my land, this land is your land, from Bonavista to Vancouver Island.
      I can still remember singing that song as a little girl in school.

  2. A wonderful and uplifting time! Everyone is enjoying the togetherness with God’s special place, and the surroundings provide inspiring time to feel even closer to our Lord.

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