Along with the many insects in the garden, I do have a vegetable or two. These are my pole beans, and I have also harvested some lettuce and kale. I’m not sure what else I may get this year. I see much growth in the cucumbers—lots of blossoms, but no cucumbers as yet. My zucchini plant is also pretty big, but yet no zucchini as yet.


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  1. It’s a blessing to have vegetables in the garden. I am restricted to pot plant gardening. No vegetable plants just now. I do have a good supply of herbs such as sage, basil, parsley, and rosemary.

    1. Yes, though it’s not a very big garden, nor are there many vegetables, it always feels good to know that I have grown something from scratch. I’m sure you must also feel the same way about your herbs.

      1. It’s always nice to see some colour after the winter months.

  2. The other veggies will come soon. Isn’t is just a miracle how God gave us seeds, dirt, sun, rain, and all the other behind the scenes things we probably don’t even know about and it makes food? Only God can do such a thing 🙂

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