How I Know That Summer Is Here

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Well after the long wait, after all the rain and the cold weather, we are finally getting some warm weather.

We paid a visit to Laveanne Lavender Fields, and on that day the sky was blue and the sun very hot. It was nice to be in a field surrounded by lavender–very peaceful and calm.

Though it was nice to be in such beautiful surroundings, the warm weather that we longed for would chase us to a more shaded and cooler place.

You have set all the borders of the earth; You have made summer and winter. Psalm 74:17 NKJV


9 Replies to “How I Know That Summer Is Here”

    1. Wow —that’s really cool for this time of the year. We had 40+ weather here also, but it was 40 Celsius which is close to 100 degrees—really extreme weather……

    1. That’s the weird thing that my friend and I noticed—we didn’t smell anything. Perhaps it’s because they are almost finished blooming—-I’m not sure.

      Yes, apparently lavender oil is really good for you. It is supposed to be very calming–I learned something new.

  1. Wow! Lovely photographs and beautiful description of the soothing weather over there. Yes it is indeed the love and mercy of the Lord who provides his people with the best of all that they require. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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