On day 2 the kids learned that, “When life changes….God is good.”

The craft that Melinda and I chose for this day was the Butterfly. When the kids were asked what the Butterfly was before it became a Butterfly, they said it was a yucky Caterpillar. They all seemed to like the Butterfly, but not so much the Caterpillar.

We as adults can also be like that. We want the rewards at the end, but we do not want to go through the process that will take us to the beautiful reward. In order to reach the Light we will pass through much darkness, but if we keep our focus on the Light however small it may seem at times, it will eventually be illuminated.IMG_6443.jpg

This was our version of a butterfly, made out of tissue paper, and a pipe cleaner for the antenna. Many of the little ones claimed it was no butterfly, but a bow, and they promptly placed them on their heads. Time did not permit, for us to tell them the different stages or changes a Caterpillar must go through before becoming a Butterfly, but they would go home that day remembering that:

When life changes…..God is good.


In the afternoon class with Abigail, they would have the opportunity to try abstract painting on canvas.


I was amazed to see some of the creations they turned out and as a result, I think that in the near future I too will try some abstract painting. Thanks for the inspiration Abigail. figandpearnaturally







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