Who To Look Too When Seeking The Kingdom

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When The Alarm Sounds

I remember being excited about having my very own combination lock . It provided safety from unsanitary consciences bent on taking claim to what is not theirs.

Having a combination lock is great, so long as one remembers the combination. What good is having your contents safely put away, if you gain access when readiness sounds it’s alarm?

My existence, your existence is dependent on combinations that will keep us safe and grant us access to what has been gifted to all of us.

Let’s consider for a brief moment, the gift of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Although absent of numeric value, the combination of the three becoming one, becomes a mind boggling equation to that which has been preordained for all of us-the kingdom.

We complicate having access to the Kingdom by thinking that we have to go through this sequence: take one turn “right” to confession; two turns “left” for forgiveness and another turn “right” for repentance.

The thief on the cross understood the power of Trinity when he simply spoke these words: “Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.” As a dying man, he may not have had the combination or the where with all, to access what was promised to him. In his lack, he accepted the fact that the Son held the key to set him free.

Combinations require memory of sequence: a key provides easy access. The Son reminds us that the Trinity doesn’t represent a combination but oneness. Seeking the Kingdom? Accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

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  1. Wow you got it all put together. Thanks for something great. This gives me a clear picture of my next article am about publishing. Termed seeking the kingdom of God.

    Would you love to read when out?

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