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I am so happy to be adding to mycreatorscreation team as a Contributor David Knight. From now on post from David Knight  will appear on this blog, perhaps twice a week at this point. Let us know what you think as we would love to hear from you. David covers a variety of subjects which I’m sure you will enjoy. His words will sure bring you to tears at times and at other times you can be sure you will get a hearty laugh. I hope you will embrace him just as much as you have embraced me. I will leave all comments and questions from David’s posts for him to answer. Thanks so much for reading and staying connected to mycreatorscreation.

We often find it easy to bark out the order: “stay in the moment”, “ be in the moment or “live in the moment” as if the moment is a bubble that protects us from a past that haunts us or from a future that thaws our frozen dreams.


Recently, while having a healthy conversation with an incoming freshman, the following words rolled off my tongue like a laser locking down its target: ““stay or live in the ‘momentum’”. These words took even me by surprise. I was left to search for meaning of these words. Not quite sure if I get it! But here goes: Staying and living in the “momentum” should never resonate as being another cliche that muscles it’s way as yet another sound bite to wet another’s appetite; rather it is to be seen as the Christian’s conviction staying in rhythm with God’s will for her/his life.

For me staying, being or living in the moment courts the notion that the “here and now” is without movement. It gazes with respect at inertia’s way of standing still when everything else around moves. It falsifies the idea that in certain periods of our lives we become masters of complete control. Of course, we know better, but we somehow can’t seem to refrain from wanting ownership of our existence.

On the other hand, staying “in the momentum” summons the spirit to move past taking “selfies” with our egos to being part of the moving revelation of where God wants us to be. Staying “in the momentum” is simply a radical way of being: it lurch us forward when waywardness seeks to become a distraction; when self-confidence seeks its own trajectory or when pride birth its own prejudices. To be “in the momentum” means for Christians to be in Christ. And being “in Christ” means you are headed somewhere-heaven.

Don’t settle to “stay in the moment”; try to stay “in the momentum” letting Christ take us beyond our frozen dreams and our religious flights.

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  1. That’s a great news as we are really enjoying your posts and posts of David Knights will make it even more interesting I hope.Thanks for the news

  2. Thank you David! This post is truly an enlightening and corrective sentiment that has touched me deeply. Be blessed and blessing!

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