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I am so happy to be adding to mycreatorscreation team as a Contributor David Knight. From now on post from David Knight  will appear on this blog, perhaps twice a week at this point. Let us know what you think as we would love to hear from you. David covers a variety of subjects which I’m sure you will enjoy. His words will sure bring you to tears at times and at other times you can be sure you will get a hearty laugh. I hope you will embrace him just as much as you have embraced me. I will leave all comments and questions from David’s posts for him to answer. Thanks so much for reading and staying connected to mycreatorscreation.

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Become The Rainbow Of Promise:

The cry for help ignores shame’s grip and pleads its case before hearts, created to be a blessing to others. Why does my heartbeat? Why does your heartbeat? If our heart beats to be a blessing to others; how is it then, that silence musters strength to go the distance with such callousness and unresponsiveness?

If our heart beats to be a blessing to others; how is it that desire to make a difference remain as calcified promises of inactivity? Opportunity must remain resolute that someone will see through the sometimes tinted glass of need and deliver. Rhetoric would want us to change the world by twisting empathy and sympathy into a pretzel of sugar-coated responses. Words maybe the highway of good intentions but action is the destination to where people live. Hope should never be found dead on arrival: Become a rainbow of the Promise-take action.

Pride would want us to lick at our own inflicted wound; unaware of the groans of our neighbor calling for much more than a handout but a helping hand. Become the rainbow of the Promise-take action. The challenge that we face as a nation is that the greatest of all the commandments given to us has been trampled down by greed and supplanted by our own selfish creed. It seems we find contentment when what we have is more than those with less. It’s the dance of the wealthy and the pain of the poor. What gives our spirit “lift” is to love your neighbor as you love yourself- become a rainbow of the Promise- take action.

We find them under filthy bridges… abandoned houses, homeless shelters, expensive rehab centers, compassionate hospices. Their kin go by diverse names: abuse, abandonment, cancer, poverty, homelessness, addictions ….

Dive into their tears and let the sense of urgency take action to save as many as is possible from the depth of their pain. We must find them… no one’s dream should remain with a short wick. We must find them… no one’s hopes should cave to despair. We must find them… no one’s appetite should remain malnourished. We must find them…no one’s abuse should drown in silence. We must find them…no one’s diagnosis should ever stymied the will.

We must find them and when we do; become the rainbow of the Promise-take action.

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  1. Wow! Great post..yes we need to ensure that no one is lagging behind, no one is downtrodden otherwise the crown of success will remain a dream forever. Our success lies not in the failures of others but in their success and happiness.Thank you so much for sharing this mindblowing post.

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