Because of all the rain and the cold weather this spring just about everyone I spoke to was having a hard time getting into the garden. The long weekend in May is usually the time when most people would be at the garden nurseries buying there flowers, but again because of the weather many were deciding to wait.

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I don’t just shop at one nursery, but this year I bought all my flowers from Witzke Nursery. You just couldn’t beat those prices. All of their four inch pots were being sold for one dollar while other places were selling four inch pots for three dollars and fifty cents.

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This year they had quite a few beautiful displays within the nursery. The staff is also very friendly and helpful. So they made it quite easy for one to make up their mind to garden because the prices were so reasonable and could not be beat.

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Witzke is located in the Durham Region about forty minutes outside the city of Toronto. It’s worth checking out if not this year, for sometime in the future.


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