Why It’s Good To Take A Closer Look

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A few years ago I felt drawn to try macro photography but soon became very frustrated with it. I’m trying it once again and I am beginning to love it.

Usually we tend to take a look at the big picture and we will draw our conclusions to whether we like or dislike it. On doing macro photography, I find myself looking at the smaller things that may make up the bigger picture. In looking at the smaller things, I’m finding so much more beauty, than just looking at the finished product.


While taking a walk in the garden I saw a little speck of brown on a leaf, usually I might have walked on to other things but I decided to get a shot on the speck of brown on the leaf. When I looked a little closer I realized that it was a insect and that it was alive and moving, so that was an opportunity for me to investigate a little closer.

IMG_3509aa copy.jpg

It rained so much this spring, but after a while I found that I was looking forward to each rainy day with anticipation as it was yet another opportunity to see how beautiful the rain drops would look on the flowers.


Looking at the little things and how beautiful they become when magnified, reminds me of what one might call little blessings. Little blessings can actually be very beautiful and very rewarding, which will eventually turn into bigger blessings. I will learn to look for them each and every day.

10 Replies to “Why It’s Good To Take A Closer Look”

  1. Thank you for the reminder to look for “the little blessings” everyday. That inspires me to write!

    1. Thank you… I’m finally starting to enjoy macro photography and getting a better look at the smaller things that surround us.

      1. That is certainly the way to go. I have a macro lens on my photography “wish list.” One of my brothers is a pro photographer and his macro work always inspires me.

    1. It is rather beautiful to see little things which look to be insignificant up close–only then do we see their true beauty.

    1. Yes, so often we miss the enjoyment of the little things because we are just focus on the end product.

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