More Birds Seen And Heard At The Alvar

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This is the Bobolink, another bird that can be seen at the Alvar. It’s on the endangered species list.

IMG_0431 Wilson Snipe copy
Wilson Snipe

One would think the birds might disappear when it starts to rain, but not so with the Wilson Snipe. The Wilson Snipe which is usually more heard than seen, because they can camouflage themselves so well, seem very relax on this rainy day.

IMG_0483 Wilsons copy

I stood watching the Wilson Snipe in the first picture for a while. When it started to fly, it was in the direction that I was standing. I thought that perhaps that he was flying directly at me, but then it landed on the ground right in front of me, joining another Wilson Snipe which I had no idea was on the ground right in front of me.

IMG_0456 Wilson copy.jpg

The below picture is not the best, but it is the best one I have so far of the Meadowlark so I’ll take it. I think I like taking wildlife photos because of the challenge that goes with it. You have to take what you get, however it is. If you’re lucky to find them posing or interacting that’s a plus, but no telling them how to pose.

IMG_6880 Meadowlark copy.jpg

Conclusion: Sometimes we look far and wide to the solutions to our problems and we cannot find the answers, when the very answers we are looking for may be right in front of us. I was lucky to have the one Wilson Snipe bring my attention to the presence of the other Wilson Snipe.

Many are looking for solutions to their own problems and they expect that with their own strength they will be able to get by. However, there is only so much we can do in our own strength, but with God all things are possible. He opens our eyes to see in ways that would be impossible for us see on our own. He also opens our ears to hear words of wisdom that we might not otherwise hear. Though not visible and audible, we hear and see God and His handiwork in so many things around us.

But Jesus looked at them and said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.” Mark 10:27



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  1. Very unique and beautiful birds. I like how you equate your photography of the birds with real life situations, where we look for the solutions far away when the answer is right in front of us. Thank you for this encouraging word. I neeed to hear and read it.

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