Now if you live in Toronto you have heard those words many times. While my hubby will say that I’m not a true sports fan, I can’t help but take this moment to celebrate with the rest of the city….yes!!

IMG_3653 Cityscapes copy.jpg


They have won the Eastern Conference finals Raptors 100——-Bucks 94 and the city goes wild.

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  1. Well, the Toronto Maple Leafs were an awesome challenge in the NHL playoffs. The Boston Bruins (my team) struggled to get past them in seven games. I am glad that Toronto is included in three of the major team sports.

    1. That’s good to hear that Boston got a good struggle. I use to be a dedicated Maple Leafs Fan many years ago but I got tired oh having my heart broken over and over again…. Plus hockey has become too brutal for me to watch. But if they ever make it to the finals I will be there to support.😄😄

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