When The Woods Spring To Life #1

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These are just a few of the things we saw on our walk through the woods. Not only did we see, but we felt the sunshine through the trees, and we felt the freshness of the breeze.

IMG_2505 aMR copy.jpg

IMG_2498 copy.jpg

Not only did we see and feel, but we also heard. We heard the melodies of many different birds as they flew from tree to tree. I will share a few bird pictures in another post.

You can see more of my Macro Photography on Instagram. You can also leave me a message there if you wish. leolalovesmacro/

IMG_2608 aMR copy.jpg
IMG_2620 copy.jpg


7 Replies to “When The Woods Spring To Life #1”

  1. I have been enjoying the birds singing in my morning walks, especially the pre-dawn moments.

    I am still waiting for my favorite sycamore tree to fully leaf out. Mr. Sycamore has a poetry date with my camera and pen.

    1. Yes, I’ve had a chance to be out early and to take in the quietness, except for the sounds of the birds—very beautiful.

      I look forward to to seeing your photos and of course reading your descriptive poetry.

    1. There is—I like seeing all the beautiful blossoms.—will share part #2 soon.

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