A Rare And Astonishing Occurrence

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I never get to upset any longer if we are visiting somewhere and we tend to get lost, because I have noticed over and over that when we have gotten lost somewhere, it was also the times that we had also discovered something beautiful along the way.

Mclaughlin Reserve

Once when we were out for a walk in the woods we got lost, but because of getting lost I discovered a little oasis which I would return to time after time. This place is literally of the Beaton Path, as that is the name of the trail we walk on before we get to this little inlet.

Walking Through The Woods:

Yesterday my friend and I put on our rain boots and off we went on a local adventure. It’s usually muddy there in the spring time, so from past experience I suggested it was a good idea to wear our rain boots. Never did I expect to see the sight that we would come upon. Needless to say, we never did make it to one of my favorite lookout point.

The Pathway Leading To The Marsh:

As we got closer to the path that would take us up to the marsh, first we noticed there was water where it shouldn’t be, and lots of it. The we noticed movement in the water, and wondered what it could be. Could it be a fish, so far from the lake and so far from the marsh—yes it was.


IMG_2486aMR copy.jpg

There was fish swimming on the path that would take us down to the marsh. This was a first for me as I have never seen the water come that far up before. Take a look at the next too photos and the video tapes. The videos are only a few seconds long, and all these photos I took with a macro lens, so this will tell you how close the fish were to where we were walking.IMG_2556aMR copy.jpg

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IMG_2560 copy.jpg
Fish taken with macro lens

If you look closely at the videos you will be able to see the grass beneath the water.

Since we couldn’t get to the marsh from one side we decided to try to enter from the lake side. The water was also very high and we could only make it a little ways in.

We hear so much talk about changes in the environment around the world, but never did I expect to see this  occurrence practically in our own back yard.

© 2019 Leola Durant

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    1. I thought so. 😃 They were practically swimming on grass, and to be able to take them with a macro lens.
      I visited another marsh yesterday and the waters of the lake and the marsh are now flowing together.

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