You don’t have to go too far to look for changes in the weather. Winter has long past and we are till waiting to feel some warmth. Yes, we do get a warm day, but then the next day is back to cool weather again. So far there has been lots of rain, and while some may complain, to others the rain has been a blessing.

IMG_1273 copy.jpg

While out for a walk, I was surprise to see that the shoreline was now completely covered in water and to see trees down and sitting in the waters of Lake Ontario.

IMG_1299 copy.jpg

IMG_1283 copy.jpg

At some point the water must have even been higher to have pulled our little bench into the lake. This is where we would usually stop and have a little look out at the lake.

IMG_1405 copy.jpg

On this particular day many cormorants can be seen flying over the lake.

IMG_1400 copy.jpg

The good news is that our marsh which had turned into a meadow last year has now returned to marsh like conditions. Because of all the water, wildlife has returned and about 13 swans were spotted along with some ducks and geese.

Any day is a good day to get out and enjoy nature. The fresh air alone is nourishing. Get out there and be revived.


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  1. Great pictures! I don’t live far from you friend. It has been a really rainy cold spring so far. I’m praying that the Lord will bring us more sunshine! 🌞

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