Spring Blooms Arrive In Toronto

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Well though it still doesn’t feel like spring, and after the long wait, spring blooms finally comes to Toronto.

IMG_1023 a.jpg
Cherry Blossoms At Trinity Bellwoods

The CN Tower can be spotted from Trinity Bellwoods Park which was way quieter than the bustling High Park. After leaving High Park and making our way to Trinity Bellwoods, as you can tell from the photo we were losing light quickly.

IMG_1127 h.jpg
Trinity Bellwoods Park

At High Park you will see many signs asking you not to touch the Blooming Blooms, I didn’t see any signs at Trinity Bellwoods, but I also made sure not to touch the blooms, or even the trees. In the photo it may look like I’m touching the tree, but I assure you—I’m not.


As you can see not all the blossoms are open, so I took the opportunity to get a macro shot of the buds.

IMG_0832 dim.jpg


In order to avoid getting people in my shots I had to aim quite high up in the trees.


Not only was the cherry blossoms in bloom at High Park, but as you can see the backdrop for this photo is forsythia. There was an abundance of the bright yellow forsythia in this spot, and there are about thirty other people besides us taking photos at the same time with the bright yellow backdrop.


The magnolia tree still had plenty of blooms.


IMG_1091-Edit h.jpg

All in all in spite of the coolness of the day, it was a wonderful afternoon.

19 Replies to “Spring Blooms Arrive In Toronto”

      1. I can imagine—it’s the same here. It seems to put a smile on all faces!!

    1. Enjoy–I hope winter is gone for you. It is still trying to hold on to us here. It’s not even 50 degrees, only 43 degrees right not and rainy, but we’ll take it. It could be worse. It’s suppose to warm up later in the week. Blessings!!

  1. Beautiful pics of the blooms Leola! It’s been in the 60s here the last couple days and should be today too so it really does feel like spring now! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. So glad to hear you’re finally getting some spring like weather. It’s been up and down here, but by Wednesday we should be having some warmer days. Like you, Iโ€™m trying to make the most and see the beauty in each and every da, so I think I’ll go out side shortly and try to capture the water droplets on the plants and make the most of this rainy day.

      1. Water drops on plants make for some interesting pictures, hope you can get some nice ones! It is nice to finally have weather where we don’t need to wear jackets!๐Ÿ˜

    1. Thank you…with the blooms also came a lot of people especially at High Park, but it was so refreshing.

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