Making The Most Of A Rainy Day

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Don’t wait for what you think may be the perfect day to get out and do something. Make the most of what you have and make every moment count.

Water Drops
Hens & Chicks

Today we were blessed with some showers, and it was the perfect day to indulge in some rainy day photography. I not too long decided to try doing some macro, so this is my first attempt at trying to capture some raindrops.

IMG_1192 copy.jpg

There are so many types of Sedums, and here you will see two different types. They are suppose to be drought tolerant, so I hope it will dry out pretty soon so they may thrive in the weather they enjoy most.

IMG_1194 copy.jpg


IMG_1195 copy.jpg
IMG_1203 copy.jpg
Japanese Maple

A new set of leaves are just starting to appear on the Japanese Maple.

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