How Sexuality And Love Is Expressed In The Bible #2

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Jamaica 2018
Tropical orange flower with water droplets.

Tender his kisses

His love is better than wine

And his ointments good.

Based on Song of Solomon 1:2-3

6 Replies to “How Sexuality And Love Is Expressed In The Bible #2”

    1. Our church lessons right now has touched on the Song of Solomon. Not too often do I see Scriptures from this book—not sure why. Since there are so many poets on here, I thought I would take this opportunity to post some poetry straight from the Bible, and the beauty is, it’s on love. Sometime the poems I read on here can be dark and depressive, so this is a wonderful change—not on sadness, but on happiness and love.

      1. I agree that we need to experience more light than darkness. Your photography is one way to bring light into the world. Thanks for sharing your witness as it is inspiring to others.

      2. Thank you for your faithfulness in stopping by my blog bigskybuckeye, and for taking the time to read and comment.

  1. You are welcome Leola. I was away for a few days so I have been trying to catch up on your blog as well as a few others. May God continue to bless your witness!

    1. Thank you—- I know what that is like trying to catch up— I’m also trying to do that. I wasn’t away, but my internet kept cutting out on me–hopefully, that’s all behind now. It’s been good all week.

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