10 Ways To Live Longer And Look Younger

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Wait On God:

Serve the one living God, and put no one before Him. Start your day off by reading His Words, and it is also good to end the day in the same manner. Talk to Him, give Him your problems and let Him carry all your burdens for you.

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Put God First:

Don’t make or worship idols. No statues can take the place of our living God. Idols are anything that you could be obsessed with, for example; it could be putting your children or spouse before God. It could be worshiping money. It could be some image that you look for to help. Anything you seek to put before God is not good, because it is taking the attention that is due to Him, and He is the very one that gives you, gives me, gives us all life.

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Wholesome Living:

Don’t curse and swear especially taking the name of the Lord in vain. People who are usually angry and vulgar swear. God wants people with a more becoming character. Our words have the power to break down or build up. Cursing and swearing are negative, and can only seek to bring out negative qualities in ones life, while speaking uplifting and kind words takes us in a more positive direction.

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Sabbath Rest:

Remember to take some time out to rest on the Sabbath, and lift up God. Yes, we are to spend time with God each and every day, but right from the beginning, God wanted for there to be a special day, when the people could come together and fellowship and rest from all the labor of the week, and lift Him up in praise. The very first Sabbath rest came in the Garden of Eden, for after God was finish creating, He took time out to rested. He was already setting an example for Adam and Eve to follow. I know many take the creating the world in 6 day to be a fairy tale, but to do so would be to limit God, and to what He can accomplish.

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Respect Parents:

Be respectful of your parents, they gave you life and raised you up. They are older and have wisdom on their side, even though you may not recognize it at this time in your life if you are young. They have rules set out for you because they love you. It’s the same with god, He has rules set up for us because He loves us. He sees the beginning from the end. Our parents also know from experience what can happen in certain situations, so take time to listen and avoid some of the regrets you may have in later years. Listen to one who speaks from experience.

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Be Happy And Joyful:

Be slow to anger, it’s good for your well being, and it certainly would not lead you to murder. When we are happy and joyous it is better for the whole body. A body filled with anger will be a sick body. Many of us are suffering from depression, and the depression can stem from a number of things, one of them being anger. When we are angry we can be filled with hate and no good thing can come from that. Negative thoughts tear down, they steal our energy and leaves us of feeling of hate or sadness, and should be avoided at all cost.

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Keep the vows that you made when you got married to your spouse and be faithful to each other. When you both put God first in your marriage, life will go smoother, as He (God) should be the head of all marriages. Will it be perfect? Absolutely not, but at least you will have a fighting chance, when God is in your life, and you are both working together to build up all that is good and positive.


God Is Not Asleep:

Be honest and do not take what is not your. You cannot hide from God. Honesty leads to freedom. God is all seeing and all knowing, just remember that before practicing dishonesty. We may fool those around us, but we can never fool God, as He sees and listen to every word we speak, whether it be for good or evil.

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God Is Listening:

Do not lie o your friend, your neighbors, or on anyone for that matter. God is listening to you. It was lies that took the world into this mess in the first place. Speak the truth and let it propel you into a world of freedom. Lies are like anger, they will also hurt you and bring on a host of negative feelings.



Be content with what you have and don’t be hankering after what you see others with.



God loves us all, even more than our parent could even love us. Just as our parents has a set of house rules to keep us from harm and danger, God also has a set of rules that if we strive to live by them our lives would be more joyous. Many think that God’s rules are restrictive instead of freeing. God knows our human weaknesses. We are already fallen, but the idea is that when we fall we ask God for forgiveness, and we get up and keep walking again. God is a loving and forgiving God, and that is why the Bible says that David is a man after God’s heart. David was a sinner just like me, just like you, but each time he failed, he repented, and God forgave him. So there is hope for each and everyone of us when we put God firs in our lives, and that will not be shown only by our words, but it would be lived out in our everyday lives.

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  1. Nice reminder that the key to health and happiness is the joy that Jesus Christ brings! John 10:10 tells us that He wants us to live fulfilling lives. Thank you for this nice post.

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