Taking To The Countryside

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Well with the snow finally gone, and the roads wide open for driving, we’ve already headed out to the country side breathed in the peace and quiet that stretched out around us.

Barn In The Country

I think that I would like to revisit this particular barn. I could be wrong, but I tried to get a closer look at the Silo. Near the top is a nest, and I think it may be a hawk’s nest.

Farm equipment.jpg

This is some type of farm machinery. I’m not sure what it carries.


In this farmer’s field a calf can be seen getting its nourishment.


The feelings of freedom of being in a wide open space, feeling the fresh air on a nice spring day.



We got out of the car and walked along this quiet country road with not too many cars to worry about.


This is an old school house where the farmers children would have attended.

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    1. Wow, that sounds so wonderful. Yes, I like the school and I forgot to put the picture of an old church.

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