6 Reasons Why Scriptures Are Given To Us

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Scripture is given

By inspiration of God

And it is profitable

For doctrine, reproof

For correction

For instruction in righteousness.

2 Timothy 3:16



The Scriptures give us insight into how we should live, how we can make our lives better. They are also revealing, thus the book called Revelation. This book gives us a hope of things which is to come. The Holy Words in this good book also gives us encouragement when we are feeling low, and these very Words of the Bible which are filled with Life will awaken something within us, guiding us forward, showing us a path filled with Light. The Scriptures has the power to lift our feet off this ground and plant them on a higher elevation. When we are lifted up our perception changes, and we now are able to visualize things through different lens.

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I’m sure when we hear the word profitable, it brings to mind something lucrative (money making) maybe a get rich quick opportunity, but that is not what the Scripture is referring to. The Scriptures are telling us that the Words of the Bible are beneficial for our well-being. God’s Words are very valuable, in that they are worth more than any monetary funds that we could amass. God’s words hold many intangible gifts. They do not fill our pockets, but they fill our souls. We profit from the Scriptures in that many of them are sweet to taste, they make us happy and they lift us up when we are feeling downtrodden. They are instrumental in keeping us on the right path.

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The Scriptures teaches us right from wrong. They give us basic rulesย  (guide lines)ย that we should live by, if we want to show our love for Jehovah. We should all be well informed as to how to live a Godly life, because of all the instructions that can be found within the good book. When we read the words of the Bible many of us form our own belief systems which sometimes differ, but I look forward to the day when we will all be on the same page. We will then tend to spread the gospel message depending on our beliefs.


Though the Bible uplifts and encourages, it also tells us what we should not do. We just like to take what pleases us, and throw away the rest, but that is not possible with the Bible, for to do so we may be throwing away our very souls. God will show His disapproval when we mistreat our neighbors and our loved ones, but then we come to Him to give Him our love. He objects to that. Yes, He wants us to show Him our love, but He says, first go and show it to your loved ones, and your neighbors, and by doing so, you show it to me. (Read Isaiah 58.)

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Many of us at some point in our lives turned away from God, to perhaps walk in the world. With the wooing of the Holy Spirit, we will make a turn, and that turn will direct us back to the right path. Because of that turn, and because we now partake of the doctrines, our lives can now be transformed. Every thing is not perfect, but it is a much better way to live, and as we go forward there will be something that we can look to improve each and every day as we strive to walk with God, allow His Spirit to work through us. Many of us need to reexamine our lives to see if we are living according to the will of God.

Instruction In Righteousness:

Within the pages of the bible we learn how to live good respectable lives. Scripture tells us to honor God and to exalt His holy name. We are told that we should also esteem others higher that ourselves. I’m sure if we are being honest with ourselves, this is something that we all need to work on. We are shown how to worship God and to connect with Him through prayer. We now turn our backs on sin and devote our lives to God. As we allow God to work within us He will lead us to the path of righteousness.

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      1. Thank God for helping you to get to a beautiful place in your life, as I have found that with out God we are not capable to do anything of ourselves. He works through us, strengthening us to accomplish the impossible. May all glory and praises be given to Jehovah.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒผ

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