Shaping Upright Thinking #6

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IMG_3017a copy

Our house with-stands all

The rain, the wind and the flood

Cannot move our Rock.

Based on Matthew 7:25

IMG_3006 Tree in Lake copy

Usually when I read this scripture I will often think of having wisdom and actually building a house is a sturdy location. But as I was reading the scripture again today, I started to think of it in terms of health. So often my faith is strong in the Lord until a health issue arises. When I’m not feeling well in many instances I start to worry as to what the problem could be, and forget that I still need to lean on God at these times.

IMG_3015 Parking lot copy

We (I ) need to remind ourselves (myself) that our bodies are not our own, and that the body is a temple which houses the Holy Spirit. From now on, I make a vow with God that I will put my trust in Him and lean hard against the Rock, which is God Himself. I will lean against Him, and when the enemy blows the strong winds, with God at my side, I shall not be moved. I will continue to lean hard against the Rock, and when the enemy sends the floods, they will not drown me.

I pray that your house may also stand as you press hard against the Rock, our Savior Jesus Christ, and neither will the enemy be able to move you.


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9 Replies to “Shaping Upright Thinking #6”

  1. Hey! I’m doing a picture challenge I was nominated for and this first pic of the bench in the water would be a good pic for me to give to my nominees. Can I use it? And if so, what does the logo bottom right corner say so I give the right credit. This is the challenge that in doing

    1. I would consider myself as having faith and hope, but if I’m to be honest, there are still areas where I am lacking. I’m just thankful that God is familiar with the weaknesses of us (me) humans.

    1. Sorry, I thought I responded to your comment before. Yes, He (God) is and always will be our Rock. Everything and everyone around us may fade away, but He remains.

  2. Amen! It’s so comforting to know that we have a God to lean on during tough times even if everyone else is nowhere around. I love the picture of the bench in the water!

    1. Thank you Michelle. Actually those pictures were taken a few years ago. We had a lot of rain and a bit of flooding. The one with the tree is in the lake.

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