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My territory

I will  protect at all costs

Against the mighty.

I’m always amazed when I see small birds chasing Raptors (the mighty giants.) I’ve seen Chickadees making a fuss at the Barred Owls, Blue Jays trying to chase Hawks and in the above picture that’s a Crow or Raven trying to chase the Eagle out of it’s territory. You see this a lot in the spring time, or at the time they may be nesting. Nesting is a very important time for these birds an they will do any thing to protect the nest of their young ones.

© Leola Durant

6 Replies to “Taking A Stand”

  1. We live in what once was Native American hunting grounds. The builders kept 300 acres open and natural, so the neighborhood did not overtake the whole area. We have a lot of animals out here. We back up to open space and it is like a bird and wild animal sanctuary. We always see the sparrows chasing the hawks and crows away. It is really intense in the spring and I call it “bird wars.” We can watch the action from our back deck. 🙂 It’s amazing how brave parents will be when protecting their young. God bless!

    1. Wow 😮 that sounds so awesome, sounds like you are living in paradise with all that wildlife around. I have to go a little ways to get to a bird sanctuary, and the feeling is amazing every time I step from the main road to the trail. I take a deep breath in and only focus on what is around me. I was at first amazed when I saw the smaller birds chasing the bigger ones. Absolutely fearless. Have a blessed day.

    1. I know—Isn’t that funny!! It usually brings to my mind the David and Goliath situation.

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