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I recently postedยย  it’s a poem I wrote about 10 years ago. It refers to me taking my first steps out of the darkness of depression and into a glorious new Light. This poem was also written around that same time period. Actually what was really happening here is where I was truly for the first time discovering my personal relationship with Jesus. I was beginning to to see His hand in my life in so many beautiful ways. He was ever so gently lifting me, and carrying me to more magnificent places within my mind.

The cage door is wide open.

What does it mean?

I am unsure.

Something has been lifted,

Could it be my afflictions?

Could there be something new in store?

The cage door is wide open,

Should I take a look outside?

So many years this cell has been my home

I’m now afraid to venture far and wide.

The cage door is wide open

This is nothing to complain about,

If my limitations are lifted

Perhaps my way of thinking has also shifted.

The cage door is wide open

I took the first look.

The air was fresh, beauty was in view.

But was it good to be experiencing such beauty?

To me this was all so new.

Should I go back into the cage?

Should I there remain?

Perhaps God is setting me free

From the darkness that has been so ingrained.

The cage door is wide open

Perhaps God is taking my hand;

He will not leave me on my own,

Maybe my sobbing days are over

Maybe I no longer have to groan.

I have been set free.

I hesitantly step out to take a walk,

No more am I bound to the enemy,

I will let God fill my mind with heavenly thoughts.

The cage door is wide open.

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    1. Yes, praise the Lord, and when you think about it, we are all captives in one way or another. Right now I think many of us are having our minds held captive by the enemy.

    1. So true—we always want to avoid the dark places, but it seems to be where we learn the most!!

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