So I came across this poem I wrote about ten years ago and thought I would share it with you. In one of my earlier posts I think I wrote about feeling as though I was trapped inside a dark box with others. We were all walking in darkness and could not find our way out. This was written at that point where I took my first steps outside.

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Outside the box the air is fresh,

I walk with the Savior and He will support

New confidence I’ve gained, walking much stronger,

What Satan tries to do God will thwart .


Ugliness still happens, not totally free yet,

But now I view things in a different light

Walking hand in hand with God

I look back into the box

So that I may teach anotherย how to fight.


Inside the box all minds are filled with worries

But here on the outside my mind is filled with heavenly thoughts

Darkness now limited and anxious moments too,

No more living with a mind that is heavily fraught.


Everything is sweeter and fresher,

The air, the birds, the wind as it kisses my skin

Another child set free to do God’s work

So that another soul I may help Him win.


Constantly now thoughts fill my mind

Of working with my Savior,

Working tirelessly for to see Him returning

Trying desperately to help lost souls to be free

From the box and its imminent burning.


Working, working,

May God fill me with wisdom

So that I may impart to lost souls

Seeking after my golden crown

And seeking to walk the Streets ofย  Gold.


12 Replies to “Living Outside The Box”

  1. Abide with me, fast falls the evening tide. The darkness deepens, Lord with with me abide.๐Ÿ™

    1. Singing praises to our Almighty God, for as the darkness may deepen around us, He is still always by our side!!

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