If you like bald eagles and wondered were you could see lots of them at the same time, head to British Columbia in the fall.

I’m re posting some of these photos because I still find it amazing how many eagles we spotted hanging out in the same place at the same time.

IMG_1281 Fraser River

This tree is called the Spirit Tree, because it stands out in the landscape. Thirty eagles or more can be seen on this tree at any given time when there is salmon around.

IMG_0879 Eagles

In the trees along the Fraser River many eagles can be seen. All of these photos were taken from the Fraser River.IMG_0991 Fraser River

Juvenile and Adult bald eagles feeding in the Fraser River.

Praise For The Lord’s Mercies………Who satisfies your mouth with good things,
So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s. Psalm 103:5



10 Replies to “Fun Fact”

  1. All creatures great and small, Lord I thank u for the morning rising sun, the mid-day shade and this present time and hour.🙏

  2. Beautiful pics! I would love to get a good pic of a bald eagle. There are a lot in this area but I am unable to get out to see them, although they daily fly over here, they just don’t stop so I can get a pic! And B.C. is a little too far for me to travel, but it is probably the best place to get some great photos. Thanks for sharing them!

      1. Good…or if you could get close to a body of water, especially at migration time, you may see them stopping in for a drink.

      2. There is actually a lot by our river, but it’s not an easy walk to get there for me, even though it’s not far. There is always some that stay here all winter since the river never freezes at this spot.

      3. That’s such a shame that you don’t get to see them since you seem to be in the perfect location.

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