Sky recedes like a scroll

All mountains and islands moved

God’s wrath has now come.


Some messages may be hard to hear and this may be one of them. But we are right now making a choice as to whom we will serve.

God is love, and this loving God wants that all should be saved. He came as the Lamb already. When Jesus returns it will be as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and His wrath will be meted out. He is giving us this time right now to choose whose side we want to be on. Do you want to live with Him in eternity or will you just settle for the things of this world?

The wrath of the Lamb will be felt by all those who are not obedient to His Word. They will try to run and hide, but there will be no where to hide. Revelations 6:15 says that the kings and the rich men and the commanders will try to hide themselves from the face of God. 17 For the great day of His wrath has come, who is able to stand?

I pray that I will be among the ones who will be able to stand.

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    1. Thanks Margaret, but really it’s straight up from the bible. I know that Jesus wants that all should be saved, but at the same time He’s not going to force anyone to live with Him. I feel sorry for the ones that are just not taking Him seriously at this time. They want to serve Him, but yet they want the things of the world. It will be something to behold, and may we be able to stand as we look up and see our Jesus standing on a cloud….how awesome will that be!!

      1. Straight from the Bible, and you’ve cut it out crystal clear 🙂 I pray people read it and take heed because I’m with God and you, Ii don’t want anyone to perish. But the Bible is clear. It will be a sight to behold or a terrible day.

      2. I know, and with everything that’s happening around us it could be sooner than we thing…He could come as a thief in the night…..very unexpectedly, as you and I know, but unfortunately many think these things foolish.

  1. I agree. I believe the coming of Christ is Much closer than we think.
    If we are not careful we may find ourselves in the same position as those who think these things foolish and be unprepared to meet him.
    Let’s hold on tightly to God as he is our only help in being able to stand.

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