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I wrote this poem when I finally realized that I was being my worse enemy. I was the one choosing to allow the enemy to hold me hostage. As soon as I made that realization, I made a big turn about and decided that even with all my doubts, I would step out in faith and put my trust in an Unseen God. He held me up then and He is still holding me up now.


I have been set free.

I have scaled the barbed wired fence

That surrounded the prison of my own making.

Tattered clothes are now restored

With new clothes.

Which Jesus has offered.


Set free.

Brought through the Refiner’s Fire.

Years of burning now ended.

Hesitantly I test the ground beneath my feet,

For all I knew was my prison cell.


Set free.

Obedience and constant acknowledgement,

This is now my new way of life

Following my Savior only,

So that I may always remain,

Set free.

Leola Durant



12 Replies to “Set Free”

    1. Thanks, sometime we have to realized that it’s the choices we make that can do us harm or good– sometimes.

      1. Thanks, I’m also sending blessings your way. I think the battle is half won when we realize what we need to work on.

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