Now that I’ve made a connection with my Creator, I can’t help but to acknowledge that He is the All Mighty God. I have made the discovery for myself. God is love, He is All Powerful and He has also become my Best friend. Without Him I am truly nothing.



He is the Chief Builder

The Architect of design.

Most talented and magnificent,

He is the Creator of our minds.

He is from the beginning

And will be till the end of time,

He desires a shift in our thinking

So that we may become more sublime.


With much planning, God made us from the dust,

Giving us free choice was His design.

To do good or to do evil

He knew full well, that good, we would decline.


His love are the beams

That keep us structurally upright.

When we refuse God’s love

We become deprave and then we bolt in fright.


Once again through God’s grace and blood,

Structures can again be made more secure

We will then become more wholesome,

We will then become more pure.

Leola Durant

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