This is where I began to realize what really truly happened. I blamed Adam and Eve for the initial sin and leaving us in a sinful world, while that is true, I do not need to continually focus on them and what they did. I need to now focus on Jesus and to follow the example that He has set out for us. When we follow Jehovah, we will become reconnected. We move from evil to doing good, we go from negative to positive. We move to having a forgiving spirit. We move from anger to joy. We don’t need a self help group because when we forget to do these thing, now that we have a close relationship with our God, He will continually remind us when we fall, and He will help us to plant our feet back on the right path.

IMG_8804 Jesus copy

We walk in darkness

Not realizing our minds are infected

For as soon as Eve ate of the fruit

From our Lord we became disconnected.


All God’s human beings, had minds that were pure,

Then jealousy crept in,

And Satan made us less secure.

Since he cannot tempt God,

He cunningly afflicted minds of the human race

But our minds can be restored, so that one day, our God we may face.


Our choices and our thoughts help us to make up our minds,

When the thoughts within seep outward,

They always need to be refined.

Two Masters we cannot serve, one leads to sinful desires.

The other leads to freedom,

By our actions we will show which one we admire.


Evil has so confused us,

We go left when we should be going right,

Each Christian is in a battle,

With God in our lives, we can win the fight.

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  1. I am reminded of the song , what a friend we have in Jesus, all of our griefs he bears , what a privilege to share everything to God in prayer. Thank you for the beautiful written prose and sobering reminder of our God, who is an awesome God indeed

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