When I wrote this poem I was at the beginning of making my greatest discovery and that was to find that Jesus really truly is Alive, and that He is an ever present force in my life. Yet, I still had many doubts. One minute I believed, and the next minute I was unsure. As I kept walking with God my doubts became less and less, and when I did have a doubt I would ask God just like the centurion did, to help me with my unbelief.

IMG_2569 Squirrel copy

Always doubts, but each day they are less,

I have proved my Savior is there,

He walks with me through the fire,

Yes, my Savior, He is always near.


No more do I feel alone

No more balancing on a high thin wire.

I recognize my Jesus,

Yes, He is there. He is with me in the fire.


By focusing on Jesus, I feel my feet steady,

He leads me against the norm.

What was once a high thin wire,

Beneath my feet in now a platform.


Why should I fear!

With much room around me I freely walk.

Building upon my confidence in Him,

I go forward in prayer.

Hand in hand we freely talk.


Even though still on the wire,

Safety and confidence is my gain.

Sturdy and steady I go forward,

From negativeness and doubts I now refrain.

Leola Durant

6 Replies to “High Thin Wire”

    1. I pray that one day we will all muster enough faith to take us beyond the fear and accept what God so freely wants to give us.

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