My dreams would continue night after night, but again my God would be there to offer His hand. His Hand would once again prevent the waves from carrying me away.

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In the middle of the ocean, no land in sight,

Darkness above and around.

Time seems eternal,

When will darkness turn into light?


The water would be more soothing,

If I was close to the shore.

This watery grave is treacherous,

Sharks are circling; eagles swoop down

Then up again they soar.


Dangers are lurking below and above,

There is no retreating to the shallow.

I momentarily lose my sight

I cannot feel God’s hand, I cannot feel His Might.


Why dangers in the shallow?

They do not seem to harm.

But lawlessness must be waiting,

Waiting to ensnare with his charm.


A flash of light,

I see others in the distance

They seem to be asleep.

They remain sitting near the water’s edge,

Even though God has previously beckoned them into the deep.


God beckons for all

To come into the billowing tides,

Shallow waters many dangers they hide,

God wants to get His sheep safely to the other side.

Leola Durant

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment….yes wherever we go God’s love is waiting right there for us. Amen 🙏🏾

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