Darkness will often creep up on us and embrace us like a warm blanket, and by the time we realize that it’s trying to take every ounce of our strength, it’s usually too late. Looking back now, I realize that I lived under a black cloud for many years. It was only when I truly discovered my Lord, my Savior, that things started to change.

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Black clouds over head

They silently wreaked their harm

The cunningness of Satan

Wielding and manipulating his charm.


Black clouds overhead

The enemy was hard to spot

Then Jesus took my hand

He told me the battle was already fought.


I did not notice the black clouds

Until they started to move

Entrenched in disharmony

Entrenched in a negative groove.


What was that darkness overhead?

Was it evil trying to mar another day!

My God stepped forth, He made a clearing

A Spiritual clearing along my way.


I focused my mind on that clearing,

Taking care to avoid the black cloud.

For ages you silently covered my head,

No longer Satan! Remove your shroud.

Leola Durant

14 Replies to “Black Clouds”

    1. Thanks Ace, my prayer is that God will not only lead me….but all of us as a nation, in the way that we should go. Blessings.

  1. Powerful visual and inspiring thoughts Leola. The enemy indeed tries to cover us with black clouds but thanks be to God for His matchless grace and light!

    1. Amen, I’m so thankful that God is all powerful and He is able to remove any thing the enemy puts in our way. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  2. Accepting Jesus into our lives and developing a relationship with him makes all the difference in the world.

    When the dark clouds come and they will come, it’s only by clinging to Jesus that we’ll Get thought it. He is our only help. Praise be to God!

    1. So true. The dark clouds will come to everyone. I ran across a scripture the other day which said something like; We cannot know joy unless we experience sadness, and it’s so true. God is so good, and it’s nice to know that He is with us whatever situation we’re in.

    1. So sorry to hear that. Don’t forget that it’s the enemy that will try to manipulate. I just speak of depression from a personal perspective, but if you need professional help don’t be afraid to also seek it out. Also don’t forget there are certain things you will also need to do for yourself along with seeking Jesus. Practical things you can do is to exercise, watch sugar intake, get out in nature and get some fresh air, find a hobby—these are a few of the things you can do to help yourself. Also think of changing your attitude to a more positive one even when you don’t think like it. Wrestle with Jesus, you will also have to do this continually, it’s not just a casual relationship, you really have to hang tight with Him, make Him your Best Friend, and more and more He will reveal Himself to you and you will feel Him lifting and strengthening you. May you be tremendously blessed!!

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