Thanking God for a New Year of 2019 and hopefully it won’t be like what me and my husband experienced in 2013. That year he would spend Christmas of 2012 on an operating table, and practically the whole of 2013 in chemotherapy.

When he was diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy, by day I had much strength to carry out any task I needed to, but by night I would have the most terrifying dreams about being out in the middle of the ocean where I could be easily eaten or swallowed up by the waves. Each time I was in a desperate situation in my dream, God always showed up.


God has led me into rough waters

I trust Him; He will not let them overflow,

I am never alone, He is with me,

He is with me wherever I go.


The waves are billowing

But in this darkness I will not be afraid,

Others desperately avoid the waters,

They will only come to the edge to bathe.


Burdens once heavy now seem lighter,

God has taken me over the waves,

If others would dare to venture

Jesus is waiting there to save.


The waters are high and threatening,

While I was in the rough, He did not let my heart break.

Nor did He allow me to weep.

He picked me up; He carried me over,

He told me winning is straight ahead,

Only doubters will retreat.


We made our way to the other side,

Where the gargantuan waves still flow.

In the safety of His arms the waves seem small,

Evil cannot stop me, even though he pursues and calls.

Leola Durant





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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment Harbans, it’s appreciated.

      1. I’m glad to hear that my writings were informative….it’s nice to get feedback. Blessings.

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