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How does one go from sad to happy

When sadness and anger resides within,

How does one go from sad to happy

When even a bright light appears dim.

How does one go from sad to happy,

Weakened, tired, no strength within.

The mind is being manipulated,

This battle Satan seeks to win.


You feel like no one loves you,

You feel like no one cares.

Seeds are planted by the enemy,

He’s the one you readily embrace,

Yet he’s the one you need to fear.

Because you don’t believe there is a Satan

He will wreak havoc secretly on your life,

Because you don’t believe in the existence of Satan

He’s happy to fill your mind with negativity and strife.

What’s even worse,

You question whether God is the Creator

The Creator of this universe.


How do you go from sad to happy

First; recognize there are two paths that exist.

The upper path is filled with joy and gladness,

The easier path; with hate and madness.

Challenge the mind to believe,

To believe there is a God, and that He strengthens.

Satan is the enemy, He wants to shorten your days

While our Lord Jesus seeks to lengthen them.


The Upper Path filled with joy and gladness

That’s the one we all need to take.

The more we focus on the Upper Path,

The quicker we’ll get rid of negativity and hate.

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