Three Angels Make An Announcement About The End Time In Revelations

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In Revelations 14:6-11 Three angels make a major announcement as to what will happen at the end of time.  You can read it for yourself but this is how I sum up those verses.


The First Angel says we need to worship God. We need to glorify Him who made heaven and earth.

Dictionary Meanings:

Worship: Reverent honor and homage paid to God.

Worship: Adoration, adulation. awe, love, exalt, praise, respect, bow down to, magnify etc.


The Second Angel says the world as we know it is fallen (sinful.)


The Third Angel says if we are not worshiping God we are worshiping the enemy (satan) and as a result we are allowing ourselves to be tormented day and night. This will only end badly.

Dictionary Meaning:

Tormented: to afflict with great bodily or mental suffering.

Tormented: Anxious, bothered, concerned, confused, crazed, distress, in a panic, out of one’s mind etc.

I know some people think the bible is a fairy tale and that its out dated, but could we be at this point right now in our society? Each day we talk about mental issues getting worse….could it simply be that we are not properly connected to the One who can free us from torment? Most of us don’t want to hear anything from God, because we believe Him to be too restrictive. Perhaps He gives us a narrow path to follow for good reasons.

Right now we are very concerned in our society about Global Warming, but perhaps we also need to be concerned about The Three Angels Messages.

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3 Replies to “Three Angels Make An Announcement About The End Time In Revelations”

  1. I think we’re just at the start of it, I believe it will become worse. The torment is being manifested in the mind, but this is a heart problem. The farther we drift from God’s love, hearts will become more tormented. His love, is what will forever keep our hearts and mind!

    1. Yes, I do agree with you that we are at the start of it, and the torment is manifested in the mind and it will and is spiraling out of control. We have strayed too far from God…it is a heart problem…that’s why I enjoy reading your blogs ass you speak of the passion and the love you have for God and He for you. We must keep believing and know that these things will happen before Jesus returns.

      And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. Matthew 24:12 ………right now we are also living with much disregard for the law. Thanks for taking the time to comment Warren. Blessings…..Keep hanging tight as I am.

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