This is the Sandhill Crane. I’ve been trying to capture this beautiful bird for sometime now without any luck.

IMG_5153 Sandhill Crane

So finally while visiting British Columbia I got a couple of opportunities to see this bird. It was at a bird sanctuary and was very relax to the point where it would eat out of your hand. I was also surprise to see red winged black birds and pigeons eating from the hand. I thought only chickadees did that.

IMG_2051 Sandhill Crane

These birds also fly in big flocks like the Canada Geese in the v formation.

IMG_2054 Sandhill Crane

God is such a Master Creator. Each time I look at the beautiful things of nature it makes me think about Him. Look at this bird for example, it has a little dab of red on its head, the eye looks orange. It has graceful long legs and a little bit of brown on the wings.

IMG_2053 Sandhill Crane

It’s beautifully and distinctively made and cannot be mistaken with any other bird, just as unique as you and I are made.

IMG_2058 Sandhill Crane

George C Riefel bird sanctuary is one of the most beautiful bird sanctuaries I’ve ever visited. It appeared that “most” of the birds were living in harmony, or perhaps they were too weary, and was just resting before moving on to the next stop as they migrate. There was a hawk or falcon that kept making the ducks take flight, as it sought out the next meal.

IMG_2067 Sandhill Cranea

Sandhill Crane in British Columbia

One day soon we will all live in harmony.

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity! Psalm 133: 1



9 Replies to “Living In Harmony”

    1. Thanks Irene…..thought perhaps it was only me. But here at this bird sanctuary they were sooooo relax. I couldn’t believe it.

      1. Definitely not just you. I have taken so many large bird photos that are failures and then one ends up being decent. That just makes me try again. 😉

      2. Yes I think the challenge is also good…keep trying and trying until that pay off comes.

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