The eyes of all

look expectantly to You,

And You give them

their food in

due season. Psalm 145:15

IMG_1850 Eagle.JPG

IMG_1852 Eagle.JPG


IMG_1855 Eagle

IMG_1882 Eagle.JPG

In order to avoid trouble, the seagull wait to make absolutely sure the eagle is finish with his meal. Only then will the seagull eat.


15 Replies to “Wild About Salmon”

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tammy. Ha, ha…on the Seagull`s part I think it`s a little more than patience. Apparently he has to wait until the eagle is finish eating, or there could be trouble.

    1. There was still salmon in the Fraser River about two weeks ago. Perhaps all the eagles in Tofino has flown to the Fraser River. Two bad about the bears, I would have love to see one.

      1. No,all our Eagles are accounted for.I suspect that If a bear could eat a salmon every single day of the winter,they probably wouldn’t go to sleep?
        The Fraser salmon run is huge & so does not fall inside normal conditions.
        The Brackendale Eagle count begins in the New Year.If there wasn’t any salmon spawning there would be no eagles.
        So as long as there is food everybody hangs around.
        I wonder If the bears in that area go to sleep? You need to ask your newly found Biologist friend David Hancock.

      2. We also went to Brackendale and did see lots of eagles, but it was a rainy damp day and we didn’t stay too long. My one capture with an eagle carrying salmon in its talons turned out lousy. Ha, ha, a very fleeting friendship. My hubby was busy asking all the questions, while I was busy trying to get a good shot. I did ask the Captain about bears before we got there and was told that for some reason there wasn’t too many around this year.

      3. thats very interesting as the bear count here this year was poor as well!

        With regards to getting a good eagle shot. Use only your centre focus point & learn how to pan.Nobody teaches anyone how to pan but knowing how to Pan is critical if you want to shoot something moving fast!
        Think of it like a bicycle wheel.Your in the centre,the hub & your subject is out at the rims edge. You need to be fixed steady on your subject like a spoke was connecting you.You can do one of three things with panning……your either too fast,too slow or just right.
        Go practice with Gulls.I’ve been doing it for years & still make mistakes.Its very hard to do.
        Good luck.

      4. I did have only my center focus, but I think I was so excited to see the eagles that it was very hard to keep steady. I will definitely keep practicing on my flight shots….haven’t tried the gulls lately, but have been practicing on the faster chickadees.

      5. yes,removing yourself emotionally from the energies is very important as well.
        If you practice on something as small as Chickadees your well on your way.
        I never close my left eye when I shoot.I find that allows me to pan better but it takes a long time to train ones mind to be able to do that.

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