Many migrants are now flocking to the Fraser Valley in BC.

IMG_0586 Sandpiper Sunset

I wonder what they will eat when all the salmon is gone. Will they turn on the gulls?

IMG_0549 Sandpiper Sunset.JPG

IMG_0644 Sandpiper Sunset.JPG

The river becomes more shallow day by day.

IMG_0648 Sandpiper Sunset

Apparently Fraser Valley is the place to be for migrating eagles. More and more come to spend the winter here.

IMG_0330 Sandpiper Sunset.JPG

From the Sandpiper Lookout sunset is fast approaching, and soon we will have to leave these adorable creatures. Many have also taken to the trees around us, where they will most likely roost.

IMG_0332 Sandpiper Sunset.JPG

IMG_0334 Sandpiper Sunset.JPG

IMG_0496 Sandpiper Sunset.JPG

British Columbia Part 2

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