Here I am along with my husband and his aunt, and we are about to land in the beautiful province of British Columbia.

IMG_0203 Vancouver

The view from up above is stunning, but pictures never seem to do justice.

IMG_0209 Vancouver

As I sat on the plane I was tracking the flight path, and I could now see the names of Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Missions and Hope as they appeared on the map. We would be staying in Abbotsford, and we planned to visit some of the other places, as we explore the Fraser Valley.

IMG_0224 Vancouver.JPG

As soon as we landed, we set out to find the Fraser Valley, because today  (Sunday November 18) was the day of the Bald Eagle Festival.

IMG_0228 Vancouver.JPG

We drove through the valley and we were now viewing the mountains from a different angle.

IMG_0245 Fraser Valley.JPG

After getting a bit lost, and being directed to Kilby Park we finally arrived at the Bald Eagle festival, but was told that the number of people must have scared off the Eagles. They told us that if we instead went to the Sandpiper Golf Course, we would be sure to find the Bald Eagles there…..and sure enough we did.

While walking through the woods looking for the Eagles, I heard the sweetest sounds coming from above. It sounded like a beautiful chorus of song birds, but in my haste to see the Eagles I decided not to take the time to look up….that’s when someone cried out; “There they are.” I looked up expecting to see song birds, but to my surprise, it was the Eagles….they were the ones with that sweet melody……what a surprise!! Such a small sound coming from a massive bird.

IMG_0276 Eagle

We found some other eagles eating, others were sparing with each other, or they were just simply hanging out. Many of them were also perched in the trees around us.

IMG_0318 Sandpiper Eaglea

British Columbia Part 1: For my next few post, I will share some more of my pictures from BBC, so stay tuned.
This truly is mycreatorscreation.

4 Replies to “Beautiful British Columbia”

    1. They make the sweetest sound you ever heard. That was my first time to hear them and it took me quite by surprise…’s a very joyous, happy sound.

  1. Sorry tofino photography your comment for some reason went to my spam and I’m only now finding it. Yes it was a high pitch sound, but it was a sound I would never expect to come from them. I expected something harsher like what the blue herons would make….

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