IMG_0158 Snowa.JPG

First snow fall of the season, but my feathered friends still came by to pay a visit.

IMG_0165 House Fincha.JPG

House Finch stops in looking for a bite to eat.

IMG_0169 Gold

Gold Finch

IMG_0180 House finch.JPG

IMG_0181 Gold Finch.JPG

IMG_0198 House Finch.JPG

Well this is a good sign. It seems as though I will be having the House Finches at the bird feeder even through the winter months. I’m surprise by how much color he still has. I thought the colors should be more toned down by now.


14 Replies to “My Feathered Friends”

    1. Yes, I just love when they come by and fly around the backyard. They do warm the heart. Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment.

    1. That is so awesome…thanks sooooo much for sharing this with me. I love looking at these majestic birds.

      1. Yes, I plan to. It would be so awesome. I have very few photos of eagles, so something like this would be great.

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