It’s Nov. 03 and the leaves are now falling fast. The red you see are actually rose hips and the leaves are now all gone from the rose bush.

IMG_0061 Chickadee copy.jpg It was quite windy out today, as we took time out to feed the little creatures along the trail.

IMG_0006 Squirrela

This Red Squirrel was quite determine to get his share of treats.

IMG_0041 Nuthatch

The Nuthatch also dropped by.

IMG_0015 Deer.JPG

The Deer stopped to take a look before disappearing off the trail and back into the woods.

I suspect that in a few days the leaves will all have fallen, if the wind keeps up. Speaking of falling, I do have to remember that the time is also falling back tonight. Thanks for the many reminders  I’ve seen out there today.

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