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Take only

what is needed;

leave the rest for others. 

17 Replies to “Greed”

    1. I always wondered about that, so I’ll give the animals a pass, but I wonder why humans do the same and not only with food but also with materials…..

      1. I wonder if they know that it will all amount to nothing in the end…. or perhaps they just don’t care, because everything is about here and that’s all they care about.

      2. They think it will solve their problems making them more secure, but while we know that money is needed to get by in this world, real security only comes from our connection to God. He is the one that has everything we will ever need.

    1. Thank you……I was just taking a walk along the trail when I spotted this gull trying to stuff the fish in its mouth.

  1. I think it is a discipline that we have to commit to if we want to balance our lives with giving to others – seeking out little ways to be kind and offer a helping hand. Recognising when we are blessed and trying to share some of that. Not only is this how we should be (in my opinion) but it also feels very satisfying to know you made a difference to someone else – especially when this is done privately.

    1. So true when you say “seeking out ways to be kind.” Sometimes just a few kind uplifting words can go a long way to build up another, and when we can also give of our time.

      1. Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more – in fact those little things usually have a stronger impact than a mere hand out. We are emotional beings – so things that tap into our feelings is always very powerful 👍😊

  2. Sometimes I think we want to do something big for someone, and it may never happen, while we miss out on doing those small things over and over, which eventually adds up to something big. Thanks 🙏🏾 for taking the time to stop by and comment.

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