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We are still in the month of October and we’ve already had our first snow fall. It seems to be a bit early this year.

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On our walk through the woods, we took a little offering along with us for the birds. Chickadees are the smallest in the bunch, but they also seem to be the bravest.

IMG_3209 Nuthatch copy

We were surprised when the Nuthatch also stopped by to get a treat.

IMG_3276 Bluejay copy

The Blue  Jays, while they tend to be aggressive with the other birds, don’t seem to be as brave as the little Chickadees when it comes to humans.

IMG_3266 Bluejay copy

The air was nice and crisp. The dusting of snow didn’t stay long, and even with the cooler temperatures it was still nice to be out and about.

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