IMG_2390a Tree copy

Even though it’s now officially fall we got an unexpectedly warm day, so it was good to take advantage of the warm temperature and take a walk through the park.

IMG_2376 Pond copy

The pond you can see through the trees was a nice solid green, and not faded and washed out colors, that you would get with an overcast sky.

IMG_2403 Wood Duck copy

The male Wood Duck stood out among the other ducks with its brilliant colors.

IMG_2494 Wood Ducka copy

IMG_2434 Wood Ducks copy

The female Wood Duck with her less brilliant colors was never too far away from the side of her mate.

IMG_2423 Wood Duck copy

IMG_2411 Algae

It’s unfortunate that the water is not all pristine, but signs of pollution is showing.

IMG_2544 Yellow copy

Even though it felt like summer, the colors of the trees reminded us as to what time of year it really was.

IMG_2617 Tree copy

We lingered for a while to watch the Wood Ducks sail up and down close to the bank of the pond, as they too see to be delighted with the warm sunny day.

These photos were taken a few weeks ago, since then we’ve had our first snow fall, not too much, just a dusting.

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