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During the summer time I will usually see a butterfly or two flying together, but I’m always amazed in the way in which they unite, to journey across the lake.

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I wish that I could get another chance, so that I could capture these butterflies a bit differently. I would have the right lens on hand and perhaps it would better relay the thousands of butterflies that I saw on that particular day. Few were awake, but many were still resting on the leaves of the trees.

IMG_7508 Butterfly a copy

No longer caterpillars crawling around, now they have been transformed into beautiful butterflies ready to take their journey across Lake Ontario  all the way to Mexico. Apparently they will wait for the wind to blow in the right direction carrying them out over the lake.

IMG_7548 Butterfly a copy

As they awoke they feasted on the Goldenrod and Aster.

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Perhaps one day we too will figure out that we are also meant to fly, (not literally) obviously not in the same way as the butterfly, but when we step out in faith, when we allow ourselves to be wooed and  our minds to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, then we will be able to fly. With wings attached to our brains (mind) we will feel free, we will be joyous, we will be more forgiving of one another, choosing to be united and living more positive lives, just how God intended it to be from the beginning.


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  1. Wow, beautiful. Your thoughts connected with your photos are inspiring. Thank you for finding me. I’m glad I visited your sight. God bless your words.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be sure to also stop by your site from time to time, and see what awesome things you’re up too.

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