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The Caterpillar spends its time feasting on the Milk Weed. The Milk Weed is known to be the Host plant for the Caterpillar. It knows that a time is coming when all the food it took in will have to be used as fuel to get it through the next stage of its life.

As Christians, we have “A Very Gracious Host” and His name is called Jesus. If we allow ourselves to feast on the food that God provides  (scriptures,) it will also be the fuel that is needed to get us through those dark periods in our lives.

Observation: I watched the Caterpillar  for a few days as he continually feasted on the Milk Weed Plant , then one day I saw a smaller Caterpillar, but the one which had grown quite chubby in size had disappeared. I later read an article which stated that after the Caterpillar finishes feeding on the Milk Weed, it seeks the safety of “higher ground” as it enters the Pupa Stage. It will stay in this state for days as it works very hard to be transformed.

All of us, Christians and non-Christians face some darkness at times in our lives. These are the times when some of us will allow ourselves to be pulled down deeper and deeper. Perhaps we could learn from the Caterpillar. First we could seek “Higher Ground” and then we could use the food (scriptures) we’ve been feasting on to help us fight whatever battle we may be facing.

As I look back on the pictures I took, these are just some of the thoughts that occupied my mind this summer as I watched the Caterpillar feasting on the Milk Weed.



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