So once again it’s Wednesday, and with this day comes the photo challenge. As I was thinking about what to post, I thought, why not share my most recent Face Book post here.

I love flower gardening, and for years now at the request of my husband, I’ve planted vegetables, but at harvest time there was always ….nothing. Either the plants got eaten, or they died. I decide it was a waste of money, and would do it no longer, but somehow this year, while in the garden shops, I thought I would try one last time, and this is what we have so far, plus we’ve eaten quite a bit of lettuce and spinach already. So I’m feeling great satisfaction with the bounty of our harvest.

IMG_7705 Beans & Cucumber.JPG

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  1. I can sympathize with your words. We always try to grow tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and corn, but the animals made it nearly impossible. Then we decided to move to a raised bed approach and just last week we finished our first round of beans with 41 quarts and 20 pints canned and put back for later. I just pulled the old vines up and planted new. Also, we harvested our first two tomatoes of the season. Don’t stop trying, just try a different way.

    1. Wow…I’m so happy for you. You are so right, we also tried to do things a little different so that they wouldn’t get eaten by the animals, I also gave them a little more attention than usual. This could be a metaphor for life…..”Don’t give up, don’t stop trying, just try a different way.” Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

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