Last year, spring time was a time of unusual dryness. This year, it is totally the opposite. An unusual volume of water has left parking lots flooded, marshes overflowing, and trees appearing to be growing out of Lake Ontario.

IMG_3015 Parking lot copy.jpg
Flooded Parking Lot
IMG_3013 Parking Lot & Marsh copy.jpg
Viewing The Parking Lot From The Bridge (Rouge Hill Water Front)
IMG_3017a copy.jpg
Marsh Overflows at Rouge Hill
IMG_3006 Tree in Lake copy.jpg
Tree Appears To Be Growing In Lake Ontario
IMG_3010 Tree in water copy.jpg
Lake Ontario Swells
IMG_3007a copy.jpg
Cliffs Eroding

The change in our local landscape is very evident, due to the volume of water that we received recently.

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