At this particular time I abide peacefully with my neighbors, and that is how I would like it to remain. If this disreputable squirrel has its way, our peaceful state of harmony could be broken.

IMG_2515 Squirrel copy

So, this ball of twine originates in my neighbor’s yard, Mr squirrel brought it over the fence, to our yard, anchored it beneath our patio table and then twisted it around one of our lounge chairs.

IMG_2569 Squirrel copy.jpg

He then ran back and forth, filling his mouth with the twine, breaking some off and taking it off to his nest.

IMG_2554 Squirrel copy.jpg

IMG_2482 Squirrel copy.jpg

IMG_2502 Squirrel copy.jpg

Hopefully my neighbor has enough sense to know that I would not try to claim his twine by wrapping it around our patio furnisher.

IMG_2473 Squirrel copy


10 Replies to “The Notorious Squirrel”

      1. Oh my a video would probably have us all laughing. No worries. Your blog is a lot more detailed and has a lot more going on, so I know it’s not easy to visit everybody. Mine is easy to manage and gives me more time, so no worries 🙂

      2. Nature is a great way to get rid of stress…lol!! Actually I haven’t blogged much in the last while, but trying to get back into it……so much to do!!

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