Today they are calling for more rain. After a long winter, I feel the need to spend as much time as possible in nature, so while out in the woods today, looking for Flickers, we saw a Raccoon quietly sitting in a tree.

IMG_0799 Racoon copy

I remember the first few times we came upon Raccoons, we were quite panicked. The more time we send in nature, the more relaxed we have become around the Raccoons. Of course, we keep a safe distance, but we are no longer fearful of these creatures.

IMG_0828 Racoon copy
IMG_0867 Racoon copy

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  1. My dad ran a sawmill for 50 years (thus my moniker A Sawyer’s Daughter!) and part of what he did was clearing stands of timber. Occasionally, he’d down a tree leaving small babies abandoned and he’d bring them home for the six of us girls. We had two baby raccoons one summer. They were adorable! Once they were a little older, the call of the wild was stronger than any cuddles and sloppy cereal we could provide and they slunk off one night, presumably to the dredge ditch just behind our house. We also had baby squirrels but they, too, abandoned US.

    Fond memories…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. What a wonderful story…..After seeing this Raccoon today, my little nature outing took me to another area. One of the photographers who was with me pointed out where there were little babies living at the bottom of a dead hollowed out tree. …very neat to see!!

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